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I.O.T and Cybersecurity

Dear Robin,

What is the "Internet of Things" and how is it connected to cybersecurity ?

Elizabeth M.-PA

Dear Elizabeth-

The Internet of Things is composed of all of the “smart” devices that you use in your daily life. So, your phone, your TV, you home security cameras, your tablet, and even your car are part of the Internet of Things. These devices are all connected together by either a wireless or a wired network and can communication with each other. They are made “smart” by adding small computers that connect to this network of devices called the Internet of Things. This is usually abbreviated the I.O.T.

Because all of these devices form one network , they are only as secure as the weakest link. Let's say that you smartphone has a facial recognition and a really secure password, your tablet also has a really secure password but when you brought home you new AWESOME smart TV you were so excited to watch you first show that you forgot to change the password supplied by the TV manufacturer. The Hackers can easily enter your network through the smart TV and then will have access to all of your devices connected on your network. So..always remember to update your passwords on all of your devices and secure the router in your home.

If you would like to learn more check out the my resources on

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